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  Wild Bird Magazine
  Birds and Bloom Magazine
  Nature Photographer

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Wildbird Magazine

This magazine's editorial focus is on various aspects of bird-watching. Its feature articles include tips on species identification, attraction, feeding and housing of wildbirds in residential garden settings, finding the best bird-watching spots, in-depth evaluations of bird-related equipment, hints on avian photography and advice from ornithologists.

Birds and Blooms Magazine

Focuses on backyard nature and bird-watching as well as gardening.

ABA's Birding ABA's Birding

Birds and Bloom ABA's North American Birds

Publication providing a complete overview of the changing panormama of North America's birdlife. Includes outstanding records, population dynamics, range extensions, and changes in migration patterns or seasonal occurrence.

Bird Watcher's Digest Africa Birds and Birding

Birder's World Birder's World

Focuses on bird life and birding experiences around the country. Articles highlighted with full-color photography.

Bird Watcher's Digest Birdwatcher's Digest

Experience the beauty and tranquility of birds in your own backyard and beyond. Bird Watchers Digest offers tips on feeding, gardening, bird identification, and more.

Nature Photographer BTO's Bird Study

Original papers on all aspects of field ornithology, especially distribution, status, censusing, migration, population, habitat and breeding ecology.

Bird Conservation

Bird Life

Royal Society for Protection of Birds

Bird Populations

The journal is dedicated to the study of dynamic avian demography and biogeography from a global perspective. Contains peer-reviewed papers of original research, reports from major monitoring projects around the world, and review, synthesis, and commentary articles.

dutch birding magazine Dutch Birding

Contains identification, distribution, occurrence, movements and behaviour of birds in the Benelux, Europe and elsewhere in the Palearctic region.

Bird watching magazine Bird Watching Magazine

Britain's top selling bird watching magazine that covers the latest UK sightings, advice and reports. If you want to see new birds or identify current sightings then let our experts help you. Packed full of stunning photography and advice.

Irish Birds

Scientific papers, short notes and articles on all aspects of birds and ornithology in Ireland.

Wildlife Conservation British Birds

Feature notes on every aspect of birdwatching, from ecology, biology, and behavior to identification and rare bird occurrences. Covers Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Wildlife Conservation RSPB's Birds

Royal Society Protection Birds

North American Bird Bander

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